Add a New Patient

Patients can be set up by Managers or Staff. Access the Patient list and click on the Add new patient button.

Evermind Patient Dashboard

System ID

You must affiliate patients with the correct Evermind sensor, so knowing the System ID# of the sensor  is a prerequisite for adding patients. The System ID can be found on the bottom of the sensor. Once registered, the System ID will display on the related Patient Detail page.

The Sensor ID

System Registration Form 

Add Patient Form

The Add New Patient button will take you to the Add New Patient Form.

  1. Patient Name

  2. Patient Phone Number (optional)
  3. Patient Time Zone 
  4. RT staff member assigned to Patient
  5. Free Form Patient Notes
  6. The System ID. You can select from unregistered systems assigned to your account.
  7. Sensor information, the location and type of device which you are monitoring. This is important as the software treats ventilators different from lamps, which are different from coffee makers.
  8. Make sure [x] I’m not using this sensor is checked for sensors 2 and 3 if you will only be using one device per patient.

Editing Patient Information

Managers and Staff may edit patient information. From the Patient Detail page, click on the gear icon to the right of the patient name. This will take you to the System Registration From where you can edit/update the patient info.