Evermind is designed to work most effectively, by providing the highest level of coverage, when these two goals are accomplished:

  1. All three sensors are utilized.
  2. All three parts of the day (morning, midday, and evening) are covered.  
    1.  Morning (4 AM—10 AM)
    2.  Midday (10:01 AM—4 PM)
    3.  Evening (4:01 PM—10 PM)

Depending on the Appliance User’s lifestyle and habits, these goals can vary accordingly. Although high coverage is optimal, powerful observations can still be made even with medium and low coverage. See examples below:

High Coverage 

Three appliances are monitored and all three parts of the day are covered:

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.37.24 PM.png

Medium Coverage

Less than three appliances are monitored or not all three parts of the day are covered:


Low Coverage

Only one appliance is monitored during one part of the day: