An Evermind system may include up to 3 sensors. Each sensor is numbered using raised blue dots, or “pips.” While a sensor is plugged in, these pips also function as lighted indicators that the sensor is powered and able to transmit switching information to the Evermind Network. On the face of each sensor is an electrical receptacle. A grounded plug is located on the back of each sensor.

Sensor #1 contains an integrated Verizon cellular modem which connects all three sensors to the Evermind Network. NOTE: Though Sensor #1 can be used independently of Sensors #2 and #3, Sensor #1 must be plugged in and in range of the other sensors for those sensors to function.

When first plugged in, the pips on the front of each sensor will blink while establishing a connection and then glow a solid blue when connected. Sensor #1 will glow with a solid blue light when it has connected to the Evermind Network using its integrated cellular modem.  Sensors #2 and #3 will glow a solid blue when they have connected to Sensor #1.


Electrical Rating: AC 120V 15A