Location Tracking with the Evermind Sensor

At the bottom of the Patient Detail Page on your dashboard, you will find a map that provides the geolocation of the sensor/device.  If the sensor has been unplugged, the map will display the last known location.

Cell Tower Triangulation:

Because the sensor has a built-in data modem, the location tracking is accomplished through cell tower triangulation.  What this means is that the modem is “negotiating” with the three nearest cell towers in order to estimate a location.  

With cell tower triangulation the accuracy of the modem is within an area of about ¾ square mile.  You will be able to tell if the sensor/device is in the area it is supposed to be in.  The closer together the three cell towers are (such as in urban areas) the more accurate the location.

Cell tower triangulation is not as pinpoint accurate as GPS (which communicates with a satellite), but works better than GPS inside of buildings and homes.