The Usage Graph

The Usage Graph display at the top of the Patient Detail page. It allows for a 14-day at-a-glance view of usage. Default display will be the most recent two-week period, but you may adjust the range by selecting the first day in a 14-day range.
  1. For each day, periods of use are graphed in blue.
  2. If there are issues with sensor connectivity, periods with connectivity issues will be represented in grey. See: Troubleshooting Sensor Connectivity Issues.
  3. Days on which Notifications or Flags have been issued will be highlighted with a light red background. Usage on these days will be graphed in red. See: Setting up Notifications and Flags.
  4. Notifications and Flags will still be issued during periods with connectivity issues (for example, you can still receive a text or email Notification if a sensor has been unplugged) and when this has happened, the day will be highlighted with a light red background.

PDF Reports

You may also download usage data as a PDF report. See: Accessing downloadable reports

Daily Averages Detail

Below each day's usage graph the total number of hours of use for that day is listed.  Below that the daily average of usage hours over the last 30 days is displayed.

Patient Notes

You may add notes to document observations and follow-up information. These free-form notes will remain for your own reference or for others who are looking at the patient page.  See: Adding and Editing Patient Notes

Notifications, 14 days

At the bottom of the page the flags that have been issued during that 14-day period will be displayed along with the notification rules that caused the flagging.  Below that is the "Edit Notification Rules" button where you can add or edit notification rules for that patient. See: Setting up Notifications and Flags.